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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tragos?

Tragos is the party game made for and by Latinos/es. Inspired by the cultural similarities that unite Latinos, Tragos embraces shared customs and traditions through a fun, and simple game that can be learned in seconds. Like most drinking card games, you pick up a card on your turn and follow the instructions on the card. Each card has a Latino reference that will challenge players with drinks, dares, trivia, and more. The result? Puro fun, lots of laughs, and good times! Check out the games here.

More on the cards on our "How to Play" page.


How do you play Tragos?

Tragos Games are super easy to play. Pick up a card on your turn and follow the instructions on the card. There are over 10 "card types" like Categories, Group Trivia, and Vote. You can check them all out here in our How To Play page that goes over how to interpret each card type.


Who started Tragos?

Tragos was started by Carolina Acosta and her friend, John Lim, who also created the Asian-American equivalent game, Azn Flush, back in 2019. Carolina built out the cards for Tragos with the help of her Colombian and Dominican family, and friends of all Latin backgrounds to create one diverse af game for toda la gente to enjoy. Her late connection to her culture as an adult inspired her to create a game that spoke to her US Hispanic identity and represented all Latinos, despite what generation they were or how much Spanish they could speak. You can learn more about the Tragos mission here.

What language are the games in?

Tragos games vary in language, some come in English/Spanglish, others Spanish, and our newest game, Get Loud, comes in both! Check out our collections in our main navigation to see what games come in what language. All of our digital packs include Spanish versions.

Can I buy Tragos at a store?

Currently, Tragos is sold on this website,, on Amazon, and We're also sold in a few boutique stores nationwide which you can find on our Locations page. We're working hard to get into bigger stores so we can serve you faster on your next last minute get-together.

Do I need alcohol to play Tragos?

You can play Tragos with any beverage you like. By reading this disclaimer and purchasing from our website, you're agreeing to take full responsibility of your actions upon playing our games. See our full disclaimer here. If you're looking for a non-drinking game, check out Get Loud!

What is the return policy?

In the case you don't absolutely love our products, we have a 30 day window for you to return your package and receive a full refund if the product is intact. After 30 days, you can receive credit to our store. You can see our full return and shipping policy here.

Where do you ship your games from?

We currently ship our games from New Jersey, USA. It usually takes 3-5 business days to arrive depending on where you are based in the country. We also ship internationally; shipping rates apply.

What is Get Loud?

Get Loud is the newest brand and game created by the Tragos team. Similar to Taboo or Heads Up games, it's full of words that a playing team has to guess in order to collect points. Get Loud is unique in that it comes in both English and Spanish and contains several words that relate to the Latino culture, representing the community while including others now that may want to learn the culture or the language. You can learn more about Get Loud here.

Where can I learn more about Tragos and Get Loud?

Tragos and Get Loud are both on social media. You can see our latest deals, events, and game play on these accounts. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see all the links.

Have more questions?

Visit our Help Center to learn more about our company, processes, and if you need help with an order or return.