What Makes Tragos Unique

Tragos games celebrate all Latinos and focus on what makes us similar with easy and hilarious content that everyone can relate to. Whether it's our drinking games or our family friendly Get Loud, Tragos knows how to create unique memories and bonds with our gente.

  • The best card game ever

    My friends and I had a blast. Este juego es lo mejor de lo mejor. At the end of the game we were all ***** because the cards are real life events. Lol Thank God it was a girls get away and we didn't have to drive anywhere. - Jessenia M.

  • Exceeded expectations

    I had one of the other Tragos games, so I knew the quality of the games was great; however, y’all exceeded my expectations! Get Loud is such an inclusive game. We were even able to include my 5-year-old niece with some of the simpler words. The kids loved it, the adults loved it. We laughed and had some cute embarrassing moments. The game was great for a bilingual family. - Janelle P