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Surprised by the lack of Latino representation in the US games industry, the creators of Tragos decided to fill the gap with fun card games that celebrate shared customs and traditions of all Latinos, regardless of which country they're from or how much Spanish they we could all feel seen.

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Tragos games are so easy to play! Just pick up a card on your turn and do what it says. With different card types, you'll be answering trivia questions, competing with other players, or choosing to do or drink!

Our games come in English & Spanish.

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  • "It was super great all my friends asked where u got it from definitely a great icebreaker at a get together"

    - Jesus

  • "I had so much fun playing! It was amazing and brought back so many memories and started amazing conversations!

    - Sadei

  • My friends from Ecuador, Colombia, DR and my Peruvian siblings love it. There is so much competition, we love it!

    - Solange

  • "It was a great ice breaker with people I haven’t meet. I brought it to a graduation party and they all loved it."

    - Guadalupe

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