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Frequently asked questions

What is Tragos? 
Tragos the party card game being advertised on this website, made by Latinos, for (mostly) Latinos. It is also the Spanish word for "shots" or "drinks." 

Can non-Latinos or Latino-Americans play? 
This game is only as exclusive as you make it. We're not here to stop you, especially if you know who Selena is. 

How do I play?
This game comes with no instructions; we didn't think it needed them. But because enough of you asked for them, here are some pointers to follow. Click here to read.

Who is Tragos? 
A group of really cute nenes and nenas from various Latin-American countries such as Colombia, República Dominicana, México, Ecuador and Honduras. Our jefa and founder is from Queens, NY. 

Delivery, Shipping and Return policy questions
Please check out our Terms & Conditions page for information regarding these questions. 

¿Existe Tragos en español? 
Sí, nuestro Tragos Español es la versión traducida de nuestro Tragos Original. A parte de este, Stay Home y Fiesta Booster Pack tienen la opción de ser compradas en version PDF en español.

No entiendo nada de lo que dice este FAQ. 
A veces sucede, pero no te preocupes que hablamos español y estamos aquí pa’ ti si nos escribes a ayudame@tragosgame.com.

Am I eligible for a discount if I made a purchase one day before a sale started?

Anything within 24 hours before a sale starts is eligible for the discount. Please reach out with your order number so we can provide a partial refund.

What's the difference between all the games? 

Tragos, the party game para Latinos, is the original pack that started it all, with categories and lots of reasons to make you drink. 

Mi Tierra is the expansion to the original pack, with a theme of subcultural pride tying in a new set of 109 cards, all different, and with more categories and challenges. 

Tragos en Español is very much like the original Tragos, but translated to Spanish and with less millennial references to make it generation-friendly. 

Can I play any pack by itself or do I need all 3? 
You can play all the games separately from one another. The best pair is Tragos Original and Mi Tierra for more variety and more chances at shots! Don't play Tragos in English and Spanish because there will too much overlap. 

I want merch! 
It's here! Check it out.

How can I find out more?
Check out our FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages for more information on shipping and product updates. You can always email us at ayudame@tragosgame.com. 

Do you ship to other countries besides the US?
Yup, we help make parties great again by shipping to over 180 countries. We're currently working on making it more economic to ship to Latin-America.