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How to Play

Playing is easy – you pick up a card on your turn, read it and follow what is says to do. But, some days are a little slower than others, especially if you’re drinking. Here are some instructions on how to play each card type.


Shuffle the cards a lot. Serve yourselves your desired beverages. Remember, it doesn’t have to be alcohol, but if it is, you must be 21+ if you’re in the US. Yes, we have to say that everywhere. The youngest or most attractive player goes first by picking a card. Going clockwise each person takes a turn until the cards finish, or you call it quits.

There are different types of cards that will either prompt you, challenge you, or have you ask the rest of the players a question. Read the card to yourself first to make sure you know what to read out loud.


Cards that begin with “if” are intended to be read out loud to the group by the player who picks it up. If the card applies to any player, they sip as much as the card says to.


Read the trivia question out loud to the group without giving away the answer. Have the group guess the answer. The first person to answer correctly is the winner.


Starting with the card holder, go around and say a word or phrase that falls within the category of the card. First person to repeat someone else’s word or can’t think of one fast enough loses. “Fast enough” is up to the group playing.


Read the phrase or lyric aloud to the group without giving away the answer. The first player to fill in the blank correctly is the winner.


Read this card aloud to the group. The player with the most fingers pointed at them after the count of 3 is the winner.


Vote or Pick Two requires all players to vote for one of two options. Decide how you want to count the votes – we usually have one group raise their left hand, the other group their right hand. The group with the least number of votes loses and drinks as many times as the card says.


Read this card aloud and complete the challenge. Tragos Round cards vary; some will dare you (the cardholder), others will give you the power to dare other players.


Pick a player to be your partner. The objective of Jinx is to get you and your partner to say the same answer at the same time. Wait till the count of 3 to call out your answer and see what happens!

These are all the card game modes so if you have any more questions on how to play the game, reach out to our chat bot in the bottom right corner of our website and we’ll help you out as fast as we can. But if you’re already playing, don’t overthink. Just have fun, amor. Y ¡salud!

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