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NEW! Get Loud: Bilingual Guessing Word Game

NEW! Get Loud: Bilingual Guessing Word Game

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Inspired by our gente that know how to turn up the volume, Get Loud™ is the first competitive bilingual guessing game that brings fun and la cultura to all ages. Players have one minute to act out or describe as many words as possible– in English or Spanish– for their teammates to guess. The team with the most words guessed at the end of 3 rounds wins. Play with color-coded difficulty modes and guess words under multiple categories like national dishes, celebrities, entertainment, geography, y mucho más!

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• 800 words total 

• 1 minute sand timer

• 2 difficulty modes 

• Recommended for ages 8-100

• Best played with 2+ players

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• Paper Poker-sized cards 2.5" x 3.5"

• Cards printed front and back

• Hardcover Box with Lid 7" x 4" x 2.75"


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  • Non traditional board game Get Loud combines Charades and verbal descriptions to bring the perfect addition to your latin board games collection.

    On your turn, flip the sand timer to start the minute, and pick up a card.

  • Not like traditional spanish board games, Get Loud combines todo lo funny en español, charades ideas, guesstures, and pictionary like games plus Latino culture to bring the best bilingual guessing game to life.

    Describe the word on the card until any team member guesses it in either language.

  • traditional mexican board games conitnue to be a great addition to all households but GET LOUD is the latin board game all latinos have been waiting for.

    Pick up another card and repeat till the timer runs out.

  • Bring todo lo funny en español to the table with Get Loud, charades ideas for adults and charades ideas for kids included.

    The team with the most cards after 3 rounds of each person playing wins.

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Latino-Themed Board Game Gets You Loud, non traditional board games get a new addition with Get Loud.

Why Tragos Created Get Loud

As much as we love our drinking game nights with Tragos, the hangovers ain’t cute anymore and we also needed a game we could finally play with our little cousins. We decided to make un juego that is kid friendly and gives our Tragos fam the competitive game they’ve been asking for.  

Experience Latino culture and learn new words with Get Loud.

Learn a language, learn a culture

Get Loud keeps our mission for cultural representation alive by giving Latine families a game that lets them bond over and learn more about their own heritage. Naturally, it’s also become a great tool for teachers and students to learn English or Spanish!