Latinos for education and Get Loud by Tragos collaborate to raise awareness of the nonprofit's mission and support Latinos in higher positions in education roles

Get Loud Collaborates with Latinos for Education

T'is the season to be paying forward para la comunidad again! As part of the holiday season, Tragos is using Get Loud, our bilingual guessing (and learning) game, to raise funds for our new friends at Latinos for Education. Read below to learn more about their mission and how to support them.

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“When Latinos succeed, we all succeed.” That is one of the mantras of Latinos for Education (LFE), a nonprofit dedicated to creating leadership pathways for Latinos in the education sector in order to create more educational equity for the children in their community. Similarly, here at Tragos Games, we aim to increase representation through fun games that speak to all Latinos, regardless of their generation or fluency in English or Spanish. Both companies align with a shared mission to bring greater representation to the community in more ways than one.



With 25% of all students in the U.S. being Latino, only 8% of all teachers and just 4% of leaders on education boards fit this demographic. Having more influence and a voice in higher positions in the education sector is an investment in the future of the Latino community, a validated belief of Latinos for Education CEO, Amanda Fernandez. Going on its fifth year, LFE continues to make strides in their mission by enforcing diversity policies in government on a state and national level, increasing their Latino educator fellowship numbers, and building their network of leaders. In seeing how closely their mission aligns with the Tragos vision of empowering Latinos, Tragos founder, Carolina Acosta, reached out to Latinos for Education, to see how Tragos could support the nonprofit and the community more.



Since its launch in 2019, Tragos has aided past nonprofits, ranging from education to housing to disaster and COVID-19 relief, raising over $20,000 to date. It was important for the Latina-owned and run company to focus again primarily on Latino education. The initiative came once they released their newest game, Get Loud, a bilingual guessing game that has become more of an educational tool on top of a fun game night selection. Get Loud is a competitive tabletop game where players have one minute to describe or act out as many words as possible for their team to guess correctly and score points on. The difference from other guessing games is that all the words come in English and Spanish and offer cultural references that multiple generations of Latinos can understand. Consequently, Get Loud is an exciting new solution for many bilingual families and language teachers to educate their youth in English or Spanish and learn of their culture in a fun, stigma free environment.


As part of the collaboration with Latinos for Education, Tragos is donating 10% of all Get Loud proceeds from all their sales channels starting December 2022 until the end of the year. For every $10 raised, the company will also donate a Get Loud game to be played in a Spanish classroom.


With the lockdown of COVID-19, it’s been clear the struggle that teachers and students have faced with virtual learning, and the impact it’s had on the students themselves in their education and upbringing. While Tragos doesn’t expect Get Loud to resolve these issues, the team hopes that the new game may provide an alternate solution to screen learning and more quality time between classmates, their teachers, and parents. 


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The effort to increase representation for the younger generation and across the Latino community as a whole is an ongoing one for both companies. You can learn more about LFE at and help by either shopping a Get Loud game this holiday season or donate directly on their site. You can learn more and shop Get Loud here or check it out on Amazon Prime or

Be sure to follow both accounts below to stay up to date on the latest and how else you can get involved. 

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