How to Have the Ultimate Galentine's Day Party

How to Have the Ultimate Galentine's Day Party

In this article you'll find a quick list to set up a fun and relaxing night with the girls including drinks, decorations and comida for this year's G-Day! 

To our girlbosses

The girls who gworl, we’ve got the goods this February. This article is perfect for you if you’re tired of men and their shit or just need some cute ideas for a fun day and night with your gal pals.
gif of girl holding wine - it's party time!
We understand the need to de-stress and replenish our feminine energy so let’s start with some funnies before we get into the real DIY party vibes. 

Fun game for restaurants

If you’re feeling really spicy, this is a GREAT idea for a quick stop at a local restaurant. Get your phone ready cause you’re about to do the Lord’s work, mija 😏
playing a game at a restaurant tiktok link @iamsarah_sarah

Galentine’s Day Party Ideas 

Hosting your party this year doesn’t have to be a headache, confía en nosotras! Get these 5 list items ready y suelta el estrés. 

#1 Give it a dress code

Parties are better when you know what to wear! Tell las comadres to dress up in their most comfortable pj’s or lounge wear sets and watch them show up refreshed and on time (since they didn’t have to waste an hour deciding what to wear.) This silk pajama set from Amazon is soft, cute and affordable! 
Cute silk pajama set for Galentine's Day, Valentine's Day or a relaxing night in.

#2 Get the ambiance right

Candles, candles, candles! 

As a Taurus writing this article, I can confirm ambiance is everything. Get chu some candles girl, aromas are like glitter for the air. This top-notch one is from La Parea (a Latino-owned business) and smells like roses 😍

gifts for her for valentine's day, gifts for Galentine's Day, gifts for Valentine's day

Decorate the house down (kinda)

As full-time working mujeres with places to be, we know that you need practical solutions for your decoration needs. We found one product that has all your decoration essentials - 31 pieces, affordable and with great reviews 😉.

 Decorative items, affordable and easy to use, items for Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day

Música para un perreo intenso 

We don’t know what kind of music you’re into specifically so we’ll leave that up to you. Whether it be rancheras, reggaeton, or heavy metal, we support you getting down. Here’s a trusty Spotify playlist if all else fails and you forget to make your own! 

galentine's Day Spotify playlist click for link

#3 A lil’ bubbly goes a long way 

Time to get a little tipsy with the ladies with our V-Day Strawberry Sangria Cocktail. It's easy to make, fancy and delicious. Check out our TikTok video where we walk you through all the steps!

#4 Make some tasty treats

 If you feel like giving the party a little more azúcar prepare some of your favorite treats. Here's an easy and yummy recipe of V-Day cookies, or you can lay out some of your favorite sweets and call it a charcuterie tray (somewhere a French person is screaming lol).

valentine's day themed cookies treats to make at home galentine's day valentine's day charcuterie pastry board


#5 Get The Games Out 

So many games can be played on Galentine's Day but our TOP recommendation is our Tragos Espicy Expansion Pack. ¿Por qué? It has everything: chisme, giggles, shots, twerking, dares and more! 

Tragos Espicy Card Game is the perfect game to spice things up with the amigas


That's all for our recommendations! Let us know what you liked and tried out.


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