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On June 14th, we hosted another Tragos and Tacos Tuesday, this time in Queens, NY at the delicious Cream Ridgewood (see menu recs below)!

What better way to improve Taco Tuesday than with happy hour and party games? Our friends at Cream worked with us to provide our guests just that – a Happy Hour + Taco Special menu and a space to network, eat, and play. Available on our tables were our drinking and non-drinking games, Tragos and Get Loud. Below is a recap from the eyes of our founder/event host.

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So, last time, we said 6pm but we meant more like 6:30 (porque Latino time) but some guests showed up at 6 on the dot and we did NOT have it together. So this time, we prepped mad early and we were ready at 👏5:👏55! And guess what? Todos showed up at 6:30 and later 😅

But it was all good. A lot of familiar faces showed up so we appreciate YOU and of course, we got to meet a couple of other new friends. This particular game night was sweet because the space we had was in a back patio with cafeteria seating so it felt like we were all in a communal area, beer garden style. With a lot less people (we know a lot of you couldn't make it because of the location), it was easier to connect with everyone and get your drinks served on time! We all know what happened at the Pre-Cinco party...

tragos and tacos game night full shot latino meetup events professionals


Los Tragos 🍹

Speaking of drinks, the happy hour menu was bomb. Their Sex on the Beach beat out all the cocktails (in my opinion) and the price for it was 2 for $14. Tell me where to find that in Manhattan! The Tequila Sunrises and margaritas were also very popular. At some point, we switched over from cocktails to shots –  I won't blame our games for this – but it appeared that everyone left safely and not too fu— messed up.

tragos fiesta booster game and cocktails sex on the beach and tequila sunrise

La Comida 🍽

Our favorite Happy Hour foods have gotta be the taco special (3 tacos and a margarita for $20 - get steak or birria!), the birria empanadas – ¡Dios mio! Just get everything BIRRIAAA – and the pulled pork sliders. If you decide to order off the HH menu, their most popular are the pull apart cheesy bread (need I say more?) and the Special Cream burger 🤤 I hope I made you as hungry as I just got writing this. Check out more of the menu here.

cream ridgewood food pull apart bread tacos burger

tacos and tragos espicy drinking game cards for latinos


El Lugar 📍

The location of Cream itself is in Ridgewood, the center point where Brooklyn and Queens meet in New York City. The neighborhood is full of amazing restaurants, one of our favorites being Cream (obvio). We had been talking about doing an event with the owner and chef, Diablo, for a while and it just felt natural to make it happen right after our Pre-Cinco event. Also, because Aralis, our Head of Sales lives around the block and she got the hook up.

Los Juegos 🃏

Playing Tragos with new friends is always un buen rato! Especially if you only know those friends professionally. The game really brings down all your walls and makes for so many (funny) conversations you would normally not have at a typical networking event. Nor would you see peers doing ridiculous dares like smelling someone to their right and whispering "delicioso" 😂 (from the Espicy pack). But, it's also a space where we celebrate all parts of our identities, talking about our families, heritage, and work lives. Having these connections in person (especially after Covid) has become my favorite part of this business.

 playing tragos and cheersing with shots

playing Tragos drinking game for latines


• • • • • •  


Mil gracias again to all those who made it out and hope you had a great time with us. Keep an eye out because we’re making moves again! Our next event will be on July 14th in Houston, TX! Event details coming soon 🙌🏽

We're always looking for opportunities to expand our community. If you are not from NY/NJ or in Houston, drop a comment below if you have a suggestion for where the Tragos team can host a game night, happy hour, or even asado next!

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